Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Highlight on two of our New Race Sponsors

This year's Run Around has attracted the support of several new sponsors. All of our wonderful sponsors help shoulder the upfront event costs of the Run Around, along with the Club. We in turn like to showcase their community spirit and their business.

New Mexico Sport Aviation is new to our sponsors team this year. Based out at the Santa Fe Municipal Airport, the company offers sport pilot training, licensing programs, and lessons which make a terrific gift for anyone that just wants to get up in the air and see Santa Fe from above. A mention of this year's Run Around even landed on their pilots' news feed. We strongly approve.

Santa Fe Fitness Bootcamp is another outstanding addition to the sponsor team. Located at 909 Early St.
(behind Dunkin' Donuts, another long-time supporter of the Striders and the Run Around), Santa Fe Fitness Bootcamp specializes in conditioning, core work, and mega-fitness. There's your instant solution to fading cross-training motivation, or a jump-start to a new training cycle.

Hope to see you all out on the Plaza May 18th. If you (and your friends) have yet to register there's still time, and as always remember to make it a point to support the businesses who support Santa Fe running.

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