Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Past Iterations of the Run Around Course

Santa Fe Run Around course map - 1986 
The Run Around has been 'around' for a while (pun intended), but for logistical and other minor event-planning reasons the course has ranged all over Santa Fe's downtown. In fact, the first seven years of the race, 1979-1985, the race was run on a slightly different course each year. Consistently in-consistent you might say.

1986 was the first year in which the same course was used in back-to-back outings, a cool map insert from an old issue of the Striders' MileMarkers is pictured at left. The route climbed Camino Monte Sol to the south, then headed east to St John's College, then back down Camino Cabra and the return to the Plaza. Not too different from the old, Old Santa Fe Trail Run that ran on the Monday of Fiestas Week. Start and finish was on the south side of the Plaza.

What about the 5K course? There was none. Back in the day when runners knocked out fifty-mile weeks in cutoff jean shorts and tube socks there was just one all-comers race, the 10K. Check out the updated Results Archive to see the names of a few of the champions from those early races.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

2013 Race Shirt Preview

Finalized 2013 Run Around shirt
The finishers' shirts for the 2013 Run Around have been finalized. Red and white on grey, pretty sharp.

Shirts are included with race registration, any inventory remaining after the race can be purchased for $10. 

A better deal - all runners 19 and under register for just $5. You heard that right. Now get out there and get a few miles under your belt and register to come out and run with us on Saturday May 18th. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Santa Fe Girls on the Run

The Run Around is the oldest 5K/10K race in northern New Mexico, this much is known. It's also the unofficial kick-off to the New Mexico summer running and racing season. Lesser known perhaps, is that the race benefits the Santa Fe Chapter of Girls on the Run, generating over $17,000 in the last four years for the energetic young women that come out to run on race day.

Alice tells us that the program has 85 nearly 100 young women from five area schools preparing for this year's race. Can't wait to see them out there, eyes lighting up as they dash toward the finishing chute.